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Manchester Now Fully Booked

Wow! After another insanely oversubscribed tour I am absolutely FUCKED in such an awesome way!

Slumped temporarily sated & utterly exhausted thanks to a ridiculously oversized appendage with the stamina of a frisky teenager (which he obviously was – several decades ago!!), I have no choice but to clear my diary to recover in every which way before the insanity resumes again tomorrow!

I have the luxury of a cooling fan wafting over my swollen & smashed but very very happy girly bits and generally taking it easy whilst my sexual strength rebuilds!

Being accused of “having a better offer” was surprisingly hurtful, particularly given the pride I take in my beautiful job together with the care, consideration and courtesy offered to the visitors I see.

However, without nurturing one’s health & observing basic self care there will be no Fun in our Fun Time for either of us.

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