A bit a bout blogging

I love to put my life into text “for all the punters to see”.

I never find it hard to work, keep a home and family and walk the dogs aswell as “having to” constantly update my blog.
It is my pleasure. I just type quickly. My life is full of great things and mundane things. And I love sharing them with you.
I love to tell the world what just happened to me, and nothing ever “pulls me back”. I’d rather regret the things I had done than sit on the fucking sidelines and watch. I realise that big brother IS watching and being a shameless hussy, I really like to keep my life as public as I do.
As do my avid readers.
Is alot of what I write fantasy? Oh come on, does it really sound that amazing? Or is it just that YOUR life that dull?
Read the field reports for a more credible cross reference.
Do I REALLY look gorgeous all day and every day?
Do I fuck!
Do I REALLY “like” everyone and cherish life like they will have us believe? See above. Of course if you find it difficult to comprehend this, that only says more about you than it does the subject of your ramblings.
I’m delighted that my blogs help you really feel it makes you know me a whole lot more.
And the funniest thing I ever read:
“Does anyone actually read them?” Well judging by the number of messages I receive daily from providers and seekers alike, a resounding YES!
If you can’t see the point in blogging, then just leave it to the experts those who do.

Say something (remember to play nice!)

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